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It is easy to develop at Combitech - and it is more fun!

If you are a consultant at Combitech, your development goes on and on. We offer you enormous opportunities. Qualified assignments, combined with your role as a consultant and our concept of professional development, Combitech Learning Lab, mean that your development is guaranteed to continue to progress.

Our strength lies in the opportunity to combine. Not only within areas such as technology, environment and security, but also when it comes to work/life balance – work, family and leisure. Whether you are experienced or newly qualified, we have challenges for everyone.

As support for your development, you will have access to the Combitech Learning Lab – our unique environment for professional development. In addition, we can offer our newly qualified employees the Combitech Talent Programme, a specially designed development programme, including parts of Learning Lab, which builds expertise and experience in a short time. As a further "carrot", our capable colleagues work as instructors in our external training operation, the Combitech Training Institute.

We work on Sweden's most interesting assignments and there is considerable demand for our services all over the country. There are already 850 of us working for Combitech, and this is just the beginning. Combine professional and personal development – with us.

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