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Development environments


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Different environments for creative development


The HomeshoreTM concept entails that we conduct clients' development projects at home, in our Swedish facilities.

With JidokaQ we offer Agile services and coaching based on our experiences from successful global and cross-functional projects, and multi-cultural teams.

Reality Labs is a creative environment for realising projects faster and more cost effectively. The key is in sharing and cross-fertilising techniques from different areas and sectors.

With Engineering Trollhättan we give you a long-term development partner in design – from idea to industrialisation.

Work in our Inspiration Labs is led by our technology innovators together with local expertise networks. The lab has requisite tools, methods and knowledge.

Combitechs' Development environments
MSS 2.0 Cyber security with built-in business value
Secure IT When you want to maximize business benefits and minimize risks.
Reality Labs Creative environment for realising projects faster and more cost effectively
Engineering Trollhättan A long-term development partner
JidokaQ Agile approach in small, cross-functional teams
HomeShore™ Outsourcing - but on home ground
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