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Engineering Trollhättan


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A complete development partner

Engineering Trollhättan is a long-term development partner in design – from idea to industrialisation.

From here, our over 100 handpicked engineers from the former automaker Saab Automobile conduct complete development assignments for Nordic industries, including the aviation and automotive industries. They bring Trollhättan's proud engineering heritage to Combitech, along with experience from the highly competitive automotive industry.

Watch the video from the centre:

Engineering Trollhättan - The Movie >>


What is your challenge?

Our ambition is to be your long-term development partner when you want to outsource entire development packages. Do you have peaks in operations, a lack of expertise perhaps, or do you need help with improving a development process? Combitech has extensive experience of taking responsibility for entire undertakings for Swedish industrial companies.

Read more about the team in Trollhättan >>



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