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Secure IT


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When you want to maximize business benefits  and minimize risks.

In an increasingly connected and competitive world, your companys IT solutions are critical to the business. But 100 percent effectiveness and availability are not enough. The number of threats, risks and actual attacks rises every day. So how do you protect your interests without impeding your ability to develop your business and operations?

Our idea is to apply security-consciousness to building IT solutions. This method is unique to Combitech, where we work proactively to integrate security right from the outset. We call our concept Secure IT, and we develop our solutions in close cooperation with our customers.




"We have summarized our value proposition in two words: Securing possibilities. And what do we mean by that? In every security challenge there is an opportunity for development."




Secure IT is based on unique skills

Secure IT is the result of cross-fertilization between our leading-edge IT skills and our front-line cyber and information security expertise. We have the greatest concentration of competence in the Nordic region in secure IT solutions, whether for defense, industry, gaming or financial institutions.

Our collective experience forms the basis of a three-part offer:

SECURE IT KNOWLEDGE. We train key members of your management in strategic security thinking how to view security as part of the business strategy, and as an enabler of future progress and sustainable profitability. We raise risk awareness and preparedness in your organization through training and exercises.

SECURE IT ASSURANCE. We offer the precise solutions you need to achieve the right level of security from tests to regular monitoring and long-term continuity.

SECURE IT EFFECTIVENESS. Based on tried and tested methods and solutions, we develop systems that give an optimal balance of security and efficiency requirements, such as flexibility and scalability. 


How can we assist you?

Step-by-step to a Secure IT solution adapted to your needs.

Read more about our Secure IT solutions>>



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