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Effective diagnoses and reliability

Our model-based Rodon software provides quick checks of product reliability and at an early stage, can identify how faults in your product will be handled. This is necessary in the development of complex products where development times are becoming increasingly shorter at the same time as demands on reliability, safety and diagnostics are increasing.



Simulating backwards

The demands for short time-to-market for new products are becoming increasingly higher in global competition. But shorter times must not affect product safety and reliability. Until now, these fault analyses have required a large measure of manual and time-consuming work, which delays product launches and increases the risk for faulty design.

Our product Rodon™ is a model-based technology for efficiently and securely handling reliability analyses and other fault analyses in parallel during the development phase. The tool supports you and your colleagues throughout the entire life cycle, from preliminary design and architecture optimisation to testing and diagnosis. Unique for Rodon is that a chain of events can be simulated backwards so as to identify the underlying cause of a problem.  



Easily find multiple faults

With traditionally produced diagnostic information, usually only up to 40 percent of the faults in a product are detected. With Rodon, this figure can significantly increase. Up to 99 percent of electrical and mechanical faults can be identified using Rodon. Rodon has German origins and is used by companies such as Airbus and Saab. Global vehicle manufacturers are also customers.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how you can improve reliability.

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