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Testing and development environment with training capabilities

Modern, Internet-based communications require modern testing and development environments. With our IP lab, we can offer a multifaceted and flexible environment that enables everything from design to verification of IP-based communications solutions.

The infrastructure in Combitech's IP lab is entirely IP-based and is built with network products from world-leading manufacturers. On the application side, open source is used extensively for DNS services, telephony services, monitoring functions and operating systems, for example. 

Reference installation for Swedish Armed Forces
Combitech's IP lab houses a reference installation for the Swedish Armed Forces' SIP-based telephony service IP ATL. In the lab are a number of telephony platforms of various types for development and verification. Operations in the IP lab largely concern firewall solutions and VPN tunnels, primarily for the Swedish Armed Forces and other government bodies.

The premises are well-suited for course activities. There are eight workstations with the capability to connect computers and other equipment to the lab's infrastructure.

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