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We know what it takes to build, test and validate state of the art gaming solutions, with todays 24/7 online perspective. Where failure is not an option and continuity is the key to players trust and confidence.

That´s why we have been a partner to the European gaming industry for many years , in all parts of the development process. And that is why we today have customers all over the gaming industry, with different rules and legislations.

Combitech has a proven record of more then 40 years of delivering tested and secure solutions to the toughest clients, in the gaming industry, as well as to the defense industry and other authorities, where security and trust always has been the keys to success. Just like they are in the gaming industry of today.

So, no matter if you are about to start building your next solution, if you need a partner in the later stages of testing and verification, or want to build security solutions according to the latest standards, you can rest assure that our highly experienced team will meet and exceed your expectations.

Welcome to Combitech,
Securing Possibilities™

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Phone: +46 470 42069
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