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Feeling safe with your system?
- Let's give it a try


Our experience in testing is based on in-depth technology of how to build secure IT-solutions and testing them to their limitations and beyond. We make sure that the systems are accessible at the right level for everyone and that specific challenges of the gaming industry, such as random number generators and odds updates, are completely reliable and verified.

The way to prevent disaster
- Letting it happen over and over again


We offer a unique and proven methodology for training and testing of your systems in a safe environment. With the right training program you can prevent a lot of problems from happening, long before they ever would. And you can test your systems as well as your staff, to be prepared even if the unexpected should happen.


The secret of a secure operating environment
- Keeping it manageable


Building the right operating environment calls for a lot of strategic decisions. Except from the technical implications, the true challenge is to keep it manageable over time, as the demands are ever changing. With our long time experience in building IT-solutions in complex surroundings we can provide you with the right tools and advice. So that the heart of your solution does not only become a secure solution, but a manageable one as well.


The right partner to trust
- Today and tomorrow


As regulations and certifications are becoming ever more standardized in the gaming industry, the challenges of keeping up with them are becoming more important by the day. Combitech has a proven record of delivering solutions, based on the highest standards and certificates, that are built to meet the challenges of today as well as tomorrow. With us you will always be on top of the security challenges, generating gaming products in compliance with the latest demands of the market, such as ISO standards 17025, ISO 27001 and more. That is the only way to achieve solutions that you truly can rely upon, and the players to trust.

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Phone: +46 470 42069
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