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Long-term competence solutions with the focus on medical technology


Combitech is your strategic partner in medical technology for all parts of the product life cycle - from idea to development. We work with the majority of leading medical technology companies in Sweden.

With origin in development of safety-critical systems for the aviation industry, Combitech has the tradition and core expertise needed for long and complex projects in medical technology.

COMBITECH has the tools, the methods, and the experience from a broad spectrum of technological fields and sectors. We combine our experiences and offer clients the most effective solutions regarding tehnologies, structurese and ways of working, at the same time as we ensure that everything is carried out in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.  

Medtech fokus


Complete range of qualified services


Combitech offers a complete range of services in medical technology, encompassing everything from development of medical technology devices and systems for life-sustaining functions, to medical signal and image processing

With our in-depth knowledge of technical development, experiences from previous projects and knowledge of regulations and standards, we have the capability to work both on site in clients' projects and to conduct development assignments.

We can take comprehensive responsibility or offer qualified services, from research to after-market activities. Read more »

Medtech erbjudanden


medtech kombinera verktyg

The combinations -
yes we can!


We have the tools, the skills and the experience.

Combitech is one of the Nordic countries' largest technology consulting firms with about 1300 employees. Our operations encompass the entire breadth of engineering as well as leading-edge expertise. We have several labs that witness of our long experience at the forefront of technological development, such as for sound, emission security, EMC and much more. In many areas, we have closely collaborated with leading researchers for quite some time.

We can provide the expertise our clients need, both on our own premises and at client sites. Read more »



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Phone: +46 13 189579
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