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Mechanical engineering


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Mechanical Engineering, Combitech

The mainstay of the engineering art 

A product's success or failure is often determined on the drawing board. A carefully considered solution can determine both the product's safety and its impact on the environment.

Mechanical engineering is the basis of most manufacturing processes. Combitech's strength is based on long experience, primarily in the aviation and automotive industries, but also in other areas. Our experience extends from everything from external design, such as hulls, to electrical systems and the most advanced systems.

Our consultants have in-depth and broad knowledge in the field and long experience that means major capabilities for development of products and short ramp-up times. We also offer the opportunity to procure consultants who work remotely, so as to avoid  overcrowding on clients' own premises. Read more under the tab Services.

For further information please contact:

Fredrik Tengel
Tfn: +46 13 18 05 06, fredrik.tengel(at)

Mechanical Engineering Östergötland
Andreas Lundqvist
Tfn: +46 13 18 60 22, andreas.lundqvist(at)

Mechanical Engineering Mälardalen
Kaj Virtanen
Tfn: +46 10 215 64 87, kaj.virtanen(at)

Mechanical Engineering Västergötland
Marina Johannesson
Tfn: +46 31 337 58 02, marina.johannesson(at)

Mechanical Engineering, Combitech

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Contact Combitech
Fredrik Tengel Business unit manager, Mechanics
Phone: +46 73 4180506
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