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Mechanical engineering


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Combitech mekanik


Combitech, mekanik

What can we help you with?

Combitech has broad and in-depth knowledge in mechanical engineering. We offer consulting services in all aspects of mechanical engineering, with everything from on-site consultants to HomeShore projects. How much help we provide is up to you and what best suits your operations.

Skills development
We constantly work with knowledge and experience development and have our own concept for skills development, Combitech Training Institute, where our consultants can receive training in pertinent subjects. Several of our courses are open to our clients, and we can tailor courses to a specific operation or need. For are newly graduated staff, we have the Talent Program to support them in their consultant role and to help them gain experience in a shorter time.


Consultants on site

Our objective is to be where our clients are, and this is why we're expanding our offices and setting up new ones. This is especially important when we work at our clients' sites.

Satellite operations

Our offices have secure data connections directly to clients, which means that we can work remotely with complete job packages, projects and consultants.

Comprehensive undertakings

We also work with both comprehensive and fixed-rate undertakings on our premises, which is an attractive alternative for many of our clients.


Combitech, mekanik


Together with Ericsson, Combitech has developed a collaborative concept called HomeShore™ that we use in various types of assignments from Ericsson. Essential for the projects is that they're cost-effective – with the right competencies, retained focus and on-time deliveries. Risk exposure cannot be too large either. Read more about HomeShore™ and see if it can be a viable alternative for your operations.

Combitech, mekanik

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