A voice during Almedalen Week

To create a sustainable and secure society with competitive enterprises, we must change, think differently and find new ways forward. We are faced with a task that no one entity can solve alone. It requires collaboration. Combitech is one of the voices in the discussions during Almedalen Week.

Our contribution during these days is to share insights into how connecting enterprises, systems and people creates a more resilient society. 

This year we have chosen to work with Dagens Industri and DI Digital. Together, we will be in central Visby and be arranging a seminar focusing on cybersecurity. In addition, we will be participating in partner and customer activities as well as roundtable discussions.

Almedalen Week runs from Sunday 3 July to Thursday 7 July. Hope to see you there!

Open program items

Seminar: The security chain. Most important for a resilient business and society

Date: Tuesday 5 July, 15:15–16:00

Location: DI Digital's tent, Donnersgatan 2.2. Digital participation is also an option via DI Digital.

Language: Swedish

Information:  Almedalen's official program and DI Digital's event website (in Swedish).

Program in brief:

Introduction, with an external perspective, by Pernilla Rönn, Head of cybersecurity at Combitech.

Fredrik Börjesson, Swedish Armed Forces.

Panel discussion led by journalist Thomas Frostberg and with the following participants:

  • Åke Holmgren, Head of cybersecurity and secure communications, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
  • Anna Wennerstrand, Head of communications, Kooperativa förbundet (KF)
  • Fredrik Hörstedt, Director and head of division for international cooperation, Vinnova
  • Anders Åhlgren, Chief information security officer, Jönköping Energi
  • Pernilla Rönn, Head of cybersecurity, Combitech

Also take the opportunity to talk to Combitech’s Anton Lif, Advisor in crisis preparedness and expert on information impact, Hans Danielsson, Cybersecurity expert, and Olle Ytterberg, Advisor in total defence, who will be present during the seminar.

Seminar by Sveriges Kommunikatörer: Strengthening and protecting brands in an uncertain times – which risks and opportunities do we see?

Date: Tuesday 5 July, 9:00–9:50

Location: Kilgränd 1

Language: Swedish

Information: Almedalen's official program (in Swedish)

Panel discussion led by Johan Eriksson, Head of communications PWC, and in which the following people will be participating:

  • Anton Lif, Advisor crisis management and specialist in information impact, Combitech
  • Viveka Hirdman–Ryrberg, Communications director, Chairman of the board, Investor AB, Sveriges Kommunikatörer
  • Peter Fellman, Editor-in-chief, Dagens Industri
  • Caroline Thunved, CEO and secretary general, Sveriges Kommunikatörer

Program items for invitees

Combitech is also participating in talks, dialogues and roundtable discussions arranged and conducted during Almedalen Week but that are not included in the official program.