BAE Systems Hägglunds and Combitech Strengthening Partnership

BAE Systems Hägglunds is strengthening its partnership with Combitech. The agreement, which is valid for 10 years, means that Combitech will be an exclusive partner in areas such as digital transformation and model-based development. Employees of BAE Systems Hägglunds will also have opportunities to work in assignments at Combitech in order to further develop their skills and competencies.

- “Owing to rapid technological development and new challenges from our customers, we need to work together in strong partnerships to keep up-to-date and ensure the right expertise,” says Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, CEO of BAE Systems Hägglunds. “Together with Combitech, we will continue to develop skills and competencies for future development projects and business deals.”

BAE Systems Hägglunds works with world-leading products and vehicle systems in the defence sector. Just like in other industries, their products and services are becoming increasingly complex. This means that lowering costs for development and maintenance, while retaining quality, is crucial for competitiveness. And new technologies and digital transformation will play a vital role in achieving this.

- “Our experience of digitisation and model-based working methods, for example, is that they can radically shorten development times,” says Jessica Öberg, Chair and forthcoming CEO of Combitech. “Through this partnership, BAE Systems Hägglund can take advantage of our extensive experience in defence and digital transformation in Swedish industry.”

The two companies share a long history and have worked together for many years. The new agreement will further strengthen their collaboration on technology and expertise.

- “We are very pleased that BAE Systems Hägglunds continues to show trust in us,” says Öberg. “It strengthens us to able to work with defence technology of the future and at the forefront in Industry 4.0. It’s also part of our continued expansion in northern Sweden.”

About BAE Systems Hägglunds

BAE Systems Hägglunds supplies and upgrades vehicle systems for military and civilian applications. This includes world-leading combat vehicles and armoured vehicles. Supporting our customers and users during operational service is key, and we provide a wide range of services to customers worldwide, including modernisation services – from simple to complex vehicle upgrades and improvements to training and simulation solutions.