Combitech A/S closes the cyber security operations in Denmark

Today, Combitech announces the decision to close its Danish cyber security operations, following an operational review. The process will be finalized by the end of the year.

“This decision has not been made lightly. After a thorough operational review and based on the geopolitical situation with increased demand for cyber security, we have come to the conclusion that we must focus our resources on our growing cyber security markets and capabilities in Norway and Sweden to further strengthen our position and accelerate growth” says Pernilla Rönn, chairmen of the board, Combitech A/S, and head of Combitech’s cyber security division.

The Danish cyber security team have contributed strongly to Combitech with their structured methodology approach and ability of service packaging. Their dedicated work in the Danish market, such as entering the financial sector, has contributed to new insights and a broader experience which will be of great value going forward.

“I’m sad that we need to close down the cyber business in Denmark, at the same time I’m also incredibly proud of my team’s collective contribution towards our Danish customers. Together we’ve made a strong impact to the critical infrastructure as we’ve built a more secure financial sector in Denmark. Now, my focus is on ensuring a smooth transition for all Danish employees and our cyber security customers”, says Lone Flohr, CEO Combitech A/S.

Combitech will continue to further develop and expand its operations within, for example, the Danish defense segment, which is not affected by the closure of the cyber security operations.

”We continue to stay fully committed to our Nordic customers and partners - together, we continue to accelerate the development of a smarter, more sustainable and more resilient society” concludes Jessica Öberg, CEO Combitech.