Combitech developing a sauna and steam bath app for TylöHelo

Combitech is strengthening their cooperation with the sauna and steam bath company TylöHelo regarding next-generation technology. A result of the collaboration is a new application for monitoring and controlling saunas and steam baths using a mobile phone or tablet.

Combitech in Jönköping and TylöHelo in Halmstad have previously collaborated in the development of technology for control panels, sauna heaters and steam generators, which has allowed TylöHelo to introduce an array of new business concepts with increased possibilities for users. The companies are now strengthening the partnership, which has resulted in a new application that enables the user to monitor and control their premium facility with a mobile phone or tablet. The application developed by Combitech has the same functions and design as the control panel graphics in TylöHelo's facilities.

- Next-generation saunas will be able to be made ready from the sofa. The best way to maximise user experience is by integrating the sauna with the customer's mobile devices. A person can sit in another room while the sauna heats up and then be notified via their mobile or tablet when it's time to change, says Johnny Wärnelöv, CEO of TylöHelo.

- We are very pleased that TylöHelo is showing renewed and extended confidence in us as a partner. The fact that they are eager to seize the opportunities presented by the "app trend" and that they are putting their own stamp on the app, through smart functionality and a clear graphic profile, is also very gratifying. The assignment is perfectly suited to us as we have invested a great deal into this technological field over the last few years, and we have even established our own niche that we have termed 'Information of Things', says Anders Flygare, Business Developer at Combitech.

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