Combitech increases its return

Increased sales and an improved return when the Nordic solutions and consultancy partner Combitech releases its interim report for January-September 2021.

“We’ve seen continued positive development during the third quarter, with a strong return and increased sales,” says Combitech’s CEO Jessica Öberg.

Industry and the public sector have remained extremely interested in benefiting from digitalisation and collaboration for the purpose of increased sustainability and competitiveness. At the same time, interest in services in the fields of cybersecurity and total defence remains high.

“The demand for cyber services is on the increase, in part as a consequence of the ongoing digitalisation. Once everything is connected and digitalised, the challenge will be to protect the business and its assets, whilst taking advantage of digitalisation’s many benefits,” says Jessica Öberg.

Important events in the third quarter of 2021

  • Jessica Öberg took up her post as Combitech’s new CEO on 1st July, and faced the task of increasing the company's growth. Jessica Öberg’s most recent previous role was head of the business area Industrial Products and Services within Saab, and she has been part of Saab's group management.
  • On 1st July Combitech’s workforce received a boost in the form of 230 new employees, who brought with them solutions for civil and military defence as well as expertise in the field of secure communication.
  • During the third quarter of 2021 Combitech signed a number of new agreements within the public sector, primarily in the fields of IT services and information security.
  • During this period Combitech’s commitments in the fields of both civilian and military national defence increased. Combitech is already supporting a large number of authorities in restoring total defence. It also has several new security-related customers and assignments, chiefly in the fields of energy and telecoms.

Key figures January–September 2021

Order status

Orders received during the period totalled SEK 2 342 million, representing an increase of 2% on the figure for the same period last year (SEK 2 289 million).

Sales revenue

Sales revenue totalled SEK 2 336 million, which is in line with the same period last year (SEK 2 330 million).

Profit/loss and margin

The operating profit (EBIT) increased to SEK 211 million (SEK 162 million). The operating margin increased to 9.1% (7.5%).

Operating cash flow

The operating cash flow decreased to SEK 321 million, compared with SEK 605 million during the same period in 2020.