Cyber security with integrated business benefits

In our connected world new business opportunities arise constantly, but so do new threats in the form of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks that can have serious impact on a company’s core business. Combitech helps you to meet the new cyber threats by strengthening your security and your business from the inside.

We call our Managed Security Services offer MSS 2.0. The concept is based on the premise that business security is an integral part of a company’s operations.

- For us a key objective is to help our customers build a proactive organisation that has the knowledge and the ability to manage any incidents effectively and correctly. Coupled with this, we provide access to technology and monitoring solutions that are capable of meeting today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, Hans Danielsson, businesses developer for MSS services at Combitech, says.

24/7 service and support
As of 2015 Combitech can offer real-time IT security monitoring, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team is able to respond to intrusions or anomalies directly in our customers’ IT environment.

- This may involve anything from a targeted attack by a highly motivated intruder to script kiddies who are just checking out a new tool. In addition to responding to incidents, our team also monitors the external environment, such as the numbers of attempted attacks, where they come from and when. Our team also looks at new developments and trends, Ronnie Tengroth, head of IT security monitoring at Combitech, says.