Framework agreement in crisis preparedness and civil defence

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has signed an agreement with Combitech for consultancy services related to crisis preparedness and civil defence.

MSB supports organisations involved in socially important activities to prevent and manage accidents, crises and the consequences of war. The agency recently concluded a framework agreement procurement process in crisis preparedness and civil defence, with Combitech being ranked number one. 

“It is pleasing for us to be entrusted with supporting MSB in this area once again. Given the current security policy environment and Sweden’s application for NATO membership, combined with experience from managing the pandemic, it feels important to be involved in contributing to the development of the country’s emergency preparedness. During the framework agreement period, we look forward to, among other things, getting involved in the work of implementing the government’s recently agreed government agency reform programme, which will see Sweden divided into six civil areas and ten preparedness sectors,” says Jonas Raber, Head of Cyber Risk and Resilience at Combitech.

The agreement runs for two years, with the option of a two-year extension. It tasks Combitech with being a resource in the area of society’s functionality during times of crisis, heightened preparedness and war. MSB assesses the need for consultancy services during the agreement period, without additional granted funds, at 40,000 hours, with a ceiling of 80,000 hours.