Saab is first with full-scale operation via private network for 5G

Combitech has, through its partnership with Nokia commissioned one of Sweden's first installations of private mobile network for 5G for full-scale operational operation for Saab. As the use of automated processes and autonomous vehicles becomes more widespread, the number of connected devices in the industry is increasing. This requires fast, secure and uninterrupted connectivity. And this is where private mobile networks come in, which are expected to be a game-changer for Industry 4.0.

- “Together with Combitech, we are building the next generation of smart production systems,” says Magnus Bergström, Managing Director of Aerostructures. “With a fully connected plant, we can achieve a better work environment and streamlined production. The network is initially operational on 4G, but we will switch to 5G as soon as tools and other devices to be connected support it.”

An important part of the work involves collecting large volumes of production data in order to analyse and automate operations and increase their efficiency.

- Managing large volumes of data from different devices and often in real time, requires a really fast, secure and stable mobile connection,” Per Åkesson, Business Area Manager at Combitech. “With private mobile networks, Saab Aerostructures gains a complete platform for a connected plant that meets these requirements.”

A prerequisite for the smart plant

The private mobile network will be a prerequisite for Aerostructures’ production and will make it possible to track material flows and follow up on the usage, wear and service needs of machinery and tools, as well as use autonomous forklifts, and have connected operators with their own wearable terminals.

Enables new digital services

Combitech manages the complete solution for the customer with everything from project management and frequencies to hardware from Nokia, installation with the help of Vinnergi, and operation and maintenance. In the next step, Combitech identifies and implements the digital services that create the real benefit.

Increased requirements for cybersecurity and keeping data on-site

Security requirements are becoming increasingly important in a world where hacking and cyberattacks are on the rise. Data generated by IoT solutions in a facility or through communication between people constitutes a business-critical asset. Capabilities for control and security are two crucial factors when industry and the business sector choose private mobile networks, which enable all company data and hardware to be stored on-site.

About Combitech

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About Saab Aerostructures

Saab Aerostructures develops and manufactures structural components for prominent aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, as well as for other companies in the aerospace and defence industries. The business unit’s main operations are focused on doors and wing structures, which are supplied to all Airbus programmes along with Boeing’s Dreamliner. Aerostructures is at the forefront of Lean and automation with paced production lines in Linköping.