Self-driving cars simplify logistics

Combitech is managing the Born To Drive project will create new opportunities in terms of the logistics of newly manufactured cars.

A vehicle is moved up to 30 times from the production line to arrival at the dealer. Each time, a driver currently needs to get into the car and drive to the next location. The Born To Drive project is developing a solution that will both guide the car to the right place at the right time as well as monitor the route to ensure no incidents occur. The aim is to demonstrate this in practice at a factory site in summer 2017.

Transports and mobility

Vehicle ICT Arena at Lindhomen Science Park is coordinating the innovation project with a number of key players involved in system and software development connected to the automotive industry. The project is mainly financed by ViNNOVA's FFI program.

From a broader perspective, the result of the automated logistical solution project should be looked upon as an additional initiative in line with the major changes and developments ahead of us in the field of transportation and mobility.

-Automated transport solutions made available through new technology in areas such as active safety and higher level of autonomy / Robotics is focused areas of Combitech. The initiative Born To Drive strengthens Combitech further in its efforts to support customers and partners in western Sweden, according to Jonas Lindholm, Business Developer and Segment Manager Automotive at Combitech.

Sweden to take the lead

The trend is the same the world over. Digitization and automation are leaving an ever-greater mark on more and more activities in society. Highly automated manufacturing is nothing new, but the level of automation is now rapidly increasing in the distribution channel. Born To Drive's vision is to take this development to yet another level and practical application. Using the technical expertise already available today, Born To Drive will become a test arena for the new expertise required for business structures, legal aspects and user perspectives.

Sweden's ambition is to take the lead in terms of developing automated transport systems. Born To Drive will create expertise through an early and limited application, which will provide valuable lessons and experience to other projects in the field, not least the strategic innovation program, Drive Sweden.

Facts about Born To Drive

Volvo Car Group is represented and involved with the Logistic division, as the ordering unit and receiver, and through Product Development with expertise and know-how of autonomous technology. The engineering company Combitech manages the project, while system design, development and testing of solutions is carried out together with Actia, Consat and Semcon. The research institute Viktoria Swedish ICT studies the development of innovation systems when multiple players are involved. The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) is responsible for the project's legal issues, together with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket).

Facts about Vehicle ICT Arena at Lindholmen

Vehicle ICT Arena aims to create innovative supplier structures within the automotive industry. This is why Vehicle ICT Arena has been used as a platform for cooperation between vehicle manufacturers and a number of potential new software-based product suppliers (today's service suppliers).