Time for this year’s Cybersecurity conference

Digitalisation affects us all and cybersecurity is a crucial factor. It is clear that hackers share with each other the vulnerabilities they detect, and countering this threat necessitates cooperation between vulnerable businesses. On 18-19 November, Watchcom and Combitech will host the Nordic cybersecurity conference Paranoia in Oslo. We hope to see you there!

 “Anyone can be targeted by a cyberattack, and we have a shared responsibility to defend society against this growing threat,” says Pernilla Rönn, Head of Cyber Security at Combitech. “Understanding how threat actors think, plan and operate is the first line of defence. It feels great that the social situation concerning the pandemic means we can meet up in person again in safe conditions.”

Cooperation will be the overarching message when Nordic and international cybersecurity experts meet to network and exchange knowledge with people who work in various ways with information security. It is not possible to completely eliminate security risks, but by having awareness you can achieve a great deal. This requires dialogue on how businesses, people, and societies can ensure secure digitalisation, while also identifying sustainable solutions and increasing efficiency in the public and private sectors. 

National and international cybersecurity experts

Paranoia will have a host of speakers, including Mikko Hypponen (award-winning cybersecurity expert), Vandana Verma (cybersecurity expert focusing on DevSecOps) and Craig Harber (with many years’ experience in the US National Security Agency).

A more secure society

Paranoia is one of Watchcom and Combitech’s contributions to a more secure society. If you would like to know more, kindly contact Pernilla Rönn (see contact card next to the article).

Watchcom and Combitech encourage discussion about cybersecurity and urge companies to look at opportunities and difficulties from as many perspectives as possible in the planning and management of day-to-day operations.

Watchcom is a subsidiary of Combitech, with operations in Norway.