Committed employees contribute to a more equal industry

To create a sustainable industry characterized by gender equality, businesses, both public & private sector as well as our whole society need to work together. Likewise, companies and organizations needs to foster an environment where initiatives and commitments among employees are encouraged.

- Management teams and managers are obvious actors in active gender equality work, but our employees are the core of how we carry the issue forward. Our common commitment is crucial for creating an equal workplace and industry – to utilize commitment and create conditions for continued work is one of our most important tasks as leaders, says Jessica Öberg, CEO.

Combitech works actively with diversity and inclusion, where gender equality is one of the focus areas. Supporting employees who are committed to create an equal industry is therefore an important matter.

- Giving our employees opportunities to express and actively work for a more equal industry is completely in line with what Combitech stands for. Their commitment is not only positive for us at Combitech, it also has positive effects for our customers who get to work with consultants who want to make the world better. An equal society, and an equal industry, is something we create together, says Sebastian Carlsson, Deputy CEO.

The importance of an equal workplace & industry

Maria Beck-Friis Lundholm and Josefin Wasborg are two engineers who’s worked at Combitech for almost two years, together they’ve recently contributed to a more equal industry.

- For me, it is obvious that women, men and non-binary persons should have the same conditions and opportunities at work. It is important that everyone, not just managers, contributes to creating an equal and inclusive workplace. It was not long ago that I myself took my first step towards our male-dominated technology industry, and it was, and is, of course a special experience, says Josefin.

In the beginning of March, Maria and Josefin participated in an event for women and non-binary engineer students. There they talked about Combitech as an employer and the path towards the technology industry.

- It is incredibly rewarding to support others in questions about their future in the technology industry, including women and non-binary people. I myself was completely lost at the end of my studies, and I wished I had someone to talk to who understood the situation I was in. There is an obvious need for an "active push" to get more women and non-binary persons included in the industry, says Maria.

Diversity & inclusion at Combitech

Combitech's work with diversity and inclusion raises gender equality as one of the focus areas. The goal is to reach at least 35% women in management positions and at least 30% women in total before 2025. Right now, the company consists of 32% women in management positions and 24% women in total - which shows that we still have a long way to go.

- The future looks bright, but it still requires active decisions and a conscious way of working to get where we want. Our employees' commitment is a fantastic basis for our continued work - they provide energy and motivation to create more conditions for us all to be able to contribute to a more equal industry. We must utilize and actively create opportunities for our employees to express their commitment in order to create a equal industry in the long run, concludes Stina Svensson, Diversity & Inclusion Champion.