Film from Paranoia 2018.

Cybersecurity conference of the year is around the corner

The Nordic cybersecurity conference of the year – Paranoia – is taking place in May. Among those presenting this year are Erna Solberg (Prime Minister of Norway), Michael Daniel (former adviser to President Obama) and Don Codling (an FBI veteran).

Preventing and managing cyberthreats is important for business as well as the public sector. It's about both protecting assets while simultaneously taking advantage of digitalization. On 21-22 May international and national experts will gather for the Paranoia cybersecurity conference in Oslo, to share their insights about the future and about how best to prepare yourself for coming challenges. The conference is arranged by Combitech and Watchcom.

Many interesting speakers in 2019

Speakers at Paranoia will examine different aspects of cybersecurity and share their experiences in dealing with them. Presenters this year include Erna Solberg (Prime Minister of Norway), Diana Kelley (Cybersecurity Field CTO at Microsoft), Michael Daniel (former adviser to President Obama) and Don Codling (over 20 years with the FBI). Codling, for example, will discuss the importance of business intelligence and conducting intelligence operations, covering both technology and commercial aspects.​

Two other speakers are Tina Lindgren (doctorate in information security and cybersecurity expert) and Johan Thulin (cybersecurity expert), both of whom work at Combitech. Lindgren and Thulin will provide examples of how organizations can create a security mindset in their development processes, by using a method called Design Thinking. And in turn, how Design Thinking can lead to improved security solutions and a creative security process. You'll find additional information on the conference programme and speakers at Paranoias website.

“It's just amazing that we can offer such high-level speakers at a Nordic conference," says Jonas Stewén, Marketing Manager for Cybersecurity at Combitech. “Paranoia has been around for 12 years and has become the meeting place for exchanging experience and gathering expertise within the security sector. We hope to see many of our colleagues there from different corners of the industry."

Last year's version of Paranoia featured Saab's CEO, Håkan Buskhe, whose presentation was both appreciated and spread widely. You can view Buskhe's statements on the security challenges he sees here. Another film su​mmarizing Paranoia, with excerpts from several participants, is found here.​

Positive business intelligence

There is a great deal of interest in Paranoia and many participants are repeat visitors. One who attended in 2018 is Fredrik Egerborn, IT Operations Coordinator for Specialfastigheter, a Swedish firm specializing in property development and administration with a national security focus. Fredrik thinks that Paranoia is a good forum for business intelligence in cybersecurity.

“Being at Paranoia 2018 was a fabulous start-up experience for me, since I had just begun my new security position," says Egerborn. “What makes this conference unique is the variety of the presentations, combining knowledge, inspiration and technical solutions. And then it was interesting to listen to a true cybersecurity guru like Bruce Schneier. I think the presentation by Håkan Buskhes was also exciting."

For more information

The Paranoia event is one way that Combitech and Watchcom contribute to a more secure society. To find out more, get in touch with Jonas Stewén, Marketing Manager for Cybersecurity at Combitech. You'll find his contact details below this article. ​​