#combitechpeople – Our Penetration tester Henrik is rewarded for his world-class knowledge

During October 2018 we support the European Cyber Security Month, an initiative from the EU aimed at raising awareness about Cyber Security. For this reason, we want to highlight that one of our penetration testers, Henrik, has been training at SANS, a training and certification institute in security.

During the education, Henrik achieved a world-class score – reaching a position in the tournament as one of the best performing in his class. As a result, he received an invitation to participate in a competition in December, together with the best penetration testers in the world! Congratulations Henrik, well done!
We took this opportunity to ask Henrik some questions:

What does it mean to be a penetration tester and what does a penetration tester do? 

A Penetration tester simulates an attack on an IT-system in order to find vulnerabilities that could be exploited by someone with bad intentions. By using the information from a penetration test, you can then secure the system to better resist eventual attacks.

What are your thoughts on traveling to Washington?

It will be great fun to join NetWars again and I´m excited to meet other penetration testers from around the world to discuss IT security and exchange experiences. 

How do you contribute to a safer society through your work?

Many of our customers have an important role in society in some way. My work helps to raise the level of security on systems that, for example, handle important infrastructure in society.

In what way do you help your customers to secure their businesses? 

When a customer receives a report from a penetration test, the work usually does not end there. In most cases, we continue to work with the customer to implement security-enhancing measures such as hardening and network design.

What did your journey at Combitech look like?

I started my journey with an IT security education from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Ronneby. Then I started working at Combitech almost two years ago, and since then I have been working with penetration testing, network design and hardening. I have developed a lot in the different areas, perhaps mostly by collaborating with others in different assignments, but of course also by the courses available at Combitech. Through the various assignments I have done, I have learned that the reality of IT security awareness is that it is falling behind, which means that our job is really needed.