The picture is taken 2018 during combitechs co-worker conference.

We are one of Sweden's best employers

Today, the Employer branding company Universum releases its annual ranking "Sweden's best employer" where employees rate their employer based on three factors: internal identity, satisfaction and loyalty. Combitech continues to climb and this year ranks 17th out of 250 large companies.

- It feels great that we rank high in a survey where our employees themselves have given their opinion of us as employers. It is extra gratifying that we achieved a high ranking when it comes to leadership, work environment and opportunities for development, says Hans Torin, CEO of Combitech.

He continues:

- Over the past five years, we have intensified our systematic and long-term work with our corporate and employee culture. Staying at the top year after year and now also climbing several places, is a fantastic proof of this work.

Our high value;  7.7 on a ten-point scale, when it comes to how satisfied employees are with their employer, is 15 percent above average. Particularly high results are found in the categories "identity", "satisfaction" and "imagine recommending".The rankings mainly focuses on internal values, that employees are proud of their employer and that values and culture is distinguishing.

During the year, we have put extra effort in our diversity and inclusion work, and the goal is for it to permeate leadership criteria, employee criteria and, ultimately, the company's entire culture.

- We have started focusing on diversity and inclusion. Our goal is a strong and positive corporate culture, where we all feel solidarity and safety in the workplace. This means a culture where you "embrace differences", says Magnus Bäck, Head of HR.