Product information solutions

The new generation’s product information is a strategic asset that increases customer benefit and generates new income.

Combitech combines expertise and product information solutions that reflect the entire product lifecycle. We help you realize your digital information strategy by linking sources of information, improving the flow of information, increasing the degree of automation, streamlining training and optimizing the user experience. Objective: To create added value that customers are prepared to pay for.

Using powerful tools such as information management (Uptime) and diagnostics (Rodon™), we help you streamline the flow of information and maximize the benefit from existing data. With technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, we create virtual platforms for remote maintenance and servicing. And connected products mean that user-driven data can be analysed and utilized in the process of further developing aftermarket services.

Last but not least: New product information solutions often open up new opportunities in the organization. Feel free to approach us about business development.

Service areas

  • Product information
  • Information analysis
  • Information design
  • Information development
  • Illustration
  • Aftermarket portal
  • Combitech Uptime CMS
  • Rodon model-based diagnostics
  • Systems development and integration
  • Standards and certifications
  • Training/e-learning
  • Business development