Trafikverket case

About Trafikverket: Trafikverket is a Swedish government authority responsible for the overall long-term infrastructure planning of road, rail, sea and air transport as well as construction, operation and maintenance of state roads and railways.

  • Challenge: The four government authorities within the Swedish transport sector felt that it was not clear which agency had which responsibility regarding the crisis preparedness and crisis management of vital functions within the transport system.  
  • Result: Combitech thoroughly studied and analyzed roles and responsibilities and suggested that the Government, by amending the ordinance that states the preconditions for Trafikverkets operations, could give Trafikverket the overall responsibility to develop and coordinate crisis preparedness and civil defence within the transport sector. The report was submitted to the Government by the four government authorities within the Swedish transport sector and the Government decided to follow the recommendations of the report and amended the relevant ordinance accordingly.
  • Solution: Conduct study, Workshops, Interviews and issue formal report