Crisis preparedness

When financial operators or business owners with substantial economic interests are exposed to threats or affected by crises, crisis management mechanisms need to kick in swiftly and correctly to minimize both internal and external damage.

A threat or a crisis that hits one or several operators in the financial system can spread like wildfire. Similarly, events that affect a retail chain or a gaming company can have a severe impact on relationships with customers, business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Combitech can provide experts in crisis preparedness and crisis management at several locations across Sweden. These experts have considerable experience supporting financial organizations and businesses in the work of analysing risk and vulnerability and carrying out impact studies, as well as continuity planning and implementing the measures required to guarantee an organization’s crisis management ability, both internally and in relation to its operating environment.

Regular training and exercises contribute to the long-term establishment of a security culture in which risk awareness and crisis management capability are natural elements.

Service areas

  • Operations analysis
  • Needs analysis
  • Process management and support
  • Training
  • Risk and vulnerability analyses
  • Continuity planning
  • Crisis management techniques
  • Crisis communication
  • Media training
  • Crisis and contingency plans
  • Crisis management exercises
  • Post-incident investigation and analysis
  • Methodology support for evaluation
  • Security culture
  • Security protection