Governance and compliance

There are various ways of preventing criminal activity such as money laundering, manipulation of hardware and cybercrime. The fundamental requirements are strict control and regulatory compliance, organized audit work and high risk awareness among the employees in your organization.

For businesses that are dependent on functioning economic flows and safe infrastructure, there is no scope for compromising when it comes to security. Because they need to maintain customer confidence and because laws and regulations need to be complied with, such as PCI and AML.

With Combitech as your strategic security partner, you will be creating conditions for effective, profitable and organized work on control and compliance. As part of this work we will help you identify and assess both risks and opportunities. Using tools such as situation analysis and GAP analyses, we measure compliance against standards and regulations such as PCI. We also establish strategies and management systems such as ISO 27001.

In your business, we implement programmes to raise security awareness and add key skills that are either missing or need to be strengthened. And, naturally, we plan and provide training in risk management and continuity.

Service areas

  • Security awareness/security culture
  • Social engineering
  • GAP analyses, 27001, 22301, GDPR
  • Anti-money laundering – assessment and process
  • Fraud risk assessment
  • PCI audits
  • Implementation of management systems and processes
  • Strategic governance and management
  • Training
  • Continuity planning
  • Hiring of CSO, CISO, DPO
  • Information classification