Secure transactions

Every day, millions of consumers put their trust in various payment systems. Most people don’t realise that the card payment is just one of several transactions in a complex flow. Over more than 30 years, Combitech has established a unique position within secure transactions in the Nordic region.

Combitech Secure Transactions is a comprehensive concept based on a high degree of proficiency within various payment forms, combined with cyber security at an overall level. We provide expertise and services at all stages of the payment flow, so that customers at all levels can feel confident in the services and products they use. Our customers operate primarily in the banking and finance market, as well as in commerce and other sectors with extremely high standards regarding secure and reliable transaction flows.

We carry out requirement-based audits of everything from source codes to hardware modules. We also offer concepts such as secure card payments, key control and source code deposits in a secure environment. We factor in business intelligence as part of our work, along with aspects that may affect your business, such as changes to requirements and new payment models.

Service areas

  • Contactless transactions
  • PCI implementation and audit
  • Secure card payments
  • Key control
  • PIN codes
  • Hardware security modules (HSM)
  • Chip payments (EMV)
  • Card terminals (PED)
  • Source code deposits (ESCROW)
  • Security objectives
  • IT security architecture
  • Code review
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability analysis
  • MSS security surveillance
  • Training