Aftermarket strategy

Welcome to the future of aftermarket business. What would you say to more efficient information management, lower costs, faster time-to-market  and a completely more attractive customer experience? Combitech can help you achieve success through knowledge.

Digitalization opens up increasing opportunities to create and make use of data generated in your aftermarket. If used properly, this data provides the basis for new business and better customer relations. In other words, you’ll obtain strategic knowledge directly from the real world that helps you redesign your offer to make it increasingly needs-driven, service-based and digital. We’re talking about business development driven by customer data.

Combitech’s specialists will help you take the first steps to a long-range, successful aftermarket business – built on knowledge and the true needs of your customers. Today and tomorrow.

Our service areas in Aftermarket Strategy:

  • Vision and goals of aftermarket
  • Service and offering strategies
  • Strategic choices for information management
  • Business development driven by customer data
  • Information architecture
  • Analytics with IoT and Big Data

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