Combitech Rodon

Our application Rodon™ uses model-based technology to effectively and securely manage reliability analyses and other error analyses during the development phase. The tool supports you and your colleagues throughout the lifecycle, from preliminary design and architecture optimization, to testing and diagnosis. Rodon is unique in that it’s possible to simulate a sequence of events going backwards to identify the root cause of a problem.

Rodon provides a quick check on the product’s reliability and can establish ways of managing errors in your product at an early stage. This is essential during the development of complex products where development times are continually becoming shorter, while requirements for reliability, security and diagnostics are increasing.

Traditional troubleshooting information normally only identifies up to 40 percent of the errors in a product. With Rodon, this figure can increase considerably. Up to 99 percent of electrical and mechanical faults can be identified using Rodon. The system is used by high-tech companies such as Airbus and Saab, but also by global vehicle manufacturers.

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