Digital aftermarket

Together with you we design strategies and solutions that strengthen your aftermarket business and help your customers reduce ownership costs, maintain a high level of efficiency and increase availability in production.


The new generation of product information and maintenance services is designed around user needs. And the users themselves – via services and connected products – generate user data that closes the loop and provides the stimulus for developing improved and more efficient solutions for their actual needs. User requirements that indicate the direction of your future offerings… or perhaps even your future business. Don’t you think it’s time to regard your aftermarket as your most significant market?


Via digitalization and continuous surveillance of incoming data, new opportunities arise to optimize traditional aftermarket processes with rapid, cost-effective and high-quality services. Examples include improved parts management, optimized maintenance planning and new business models.

Our perspective on the digitalized aftermarket, with security in focus:

People at the centre

At Combitech we regard it as decisive to find the interplay and balance between technology and people, in order to succeed at digitalization. We offer specialist expertise to help our customers with digital transformation.

Improved decision support

By gathering data and feedback from customers, we provide a factual basis for decisions, both for corporate management making strategic decisions and operators involved in the daily workflow. 

Increased availability

Digitalization enables better knowledge and surveillance of products and machines. This helps forecast production stops and maximizes the availability of production equipment.

The value enabled by digitalization

  • New services
  • New business models
  • More efficient maintenance with targeted documentation and parts management
  • More efficient predictive maintenance
  • More efficient production flow
  • Improved management of installed machines

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