End user experience

As your customers’ relations to your products are increasingly built via soft values, your aftermarket services are a key factor in elevating their overall experiences and engagement.

Combitech develops user experiences via technology, tools and solutions that build on four fundamentals: visualization, interactivity, relevance and efficiency.

We help you identify and understand the actual needs of your customers and end users. This in turn allows us to develop solutions that give your customer a more efficient and more attractive user experience, which in turn contributes to a better overview, more knowledge, and expanded decision support capability. Our methods for focusing on end users create the prerequisites for users both wanting and getting access to your information exactly when they want it – instead of it being pushed out and contributing to a tarnished experience of your brand. Pull, don’t push!

Our service areas in End User Experience:

  • Needs analysis and consequence analysis
  • Visualisation & interactivity
  • VR/AR
  • Mobility
  • UX, HMI
  • IoT, Big Data
  • Integration of information
  • PoC

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