Product information solution

The new generation of product information is a strategic asset that provides completely new opportunities to work more efficiently, create new business and strengthen relations, both internally and externally.

Combitech offers tailored product information solutions that help you turn your digital visions into reality. The essential point is to tie together information sources, optimize the information flow, increase the level of automation and make things easy for users.

We provide you with the tools and methods you need, based on the strategy and architecture for how information management should be designed in your new aftermarket business. The execution might, for example, concern developing information and information logistics, putting your complete system solution in place and introducing the right work processes. Processes that elevate your business operation to an agile offering based on customer data.

Information concerning how your products should be handled, and how they are in fact used, is at the centre of the flow. User-friendliness and accessibility of the information solution is essential, as is that the information can be produced and managed in an efficient way that both increases the value and reduces costs. Combitech’s unique tools, Uptime™ and Rodon™, secure the correct information at the right time, both digitally and in mobile operations.

Our service areas in Product information solutions:

  • Information logistics, design
  • Aftermarket portals and mobility
  • Uptime™ information management
  • Rodon™ model-based diagnostics
  • System development & integration
  • Standards and certifications
  • Editorial support for maintenance and illustration/animation
  • Training & E-learning

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