UX-writing & technical communication

Creating clear, attractive and user-centered technical communication

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing User Experience (UX) and technical communication (product information). AI-driven services such as chatbots and digital assistants, impact technical communication with different interaction models and new ways of communicating with the user.

The digitalization enables the systems to remember the user preferences, to predict and to interact with the user. This creates needs for evolving the role of the technical communicator with UX. The term UX-writer involves for example, foundational UX concepts like user-centered information, accessibility, and of course the classic term usability. Furthermore, it also includes interaction design and the multidisciplinary field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

The UX information design is closely connected to human-centered design. The UX information design is still user-centered but has a special focus on the users understanding of the information. UX Information Designers ensure usability and accessibility of the information, focuses on graphics, writing, user interface and more, simultaneously.

As a result, clear and attractive technical communication makes the product easier and more interesting to use. Well-thought-out maintenance concepts extend the customer benefits and thus the customer relationship, this creates opportunities for new revenue, provided by the added value.

Our service areas in UX-writing & technical communication:

  • UX writing
  • UX information design

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