What’s the key to sustainable change? The people in the organization. It’s at an individual level that we help you lay the foundations for lasting effects and a corporate culture built on shared values and objectives.

After Strategy and Structure, there’s Culture – the third and perhaps most important stage of the change process. This stage is about gaining employee endorsement for the change; encouraging each individual to understand the purpose, feel part of the process and feel able to exert their influence.

We support this work at all levels of the business. With planning and tools. Communication and coaching. And of course, by offering training. The process involves mutual learning. Employees gain knowledge of the company’s focus and needs for the future, while management receives feedback to help avoid potential pitfalls by tackling them proactively. Long-term benefits: Positive and committed employees who actively contribute towards target fulfilment.

Combitech’s consultants are certified and have many years of experience incorporating changes in businesses and public sector organizations. Our customized training courses are consultant-led and included in Combitech GROW – our research-based skills development programme. A good culture creates loyalty, a comprehensive approach and the motivation to develop.


  • Support and coaching
  • Communication plans
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Experience development
  • Training

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