A company that is prepared for the future has control of the overall picture and a compass direction that is clear to everyone. This provides reassurance in the change process throughout the business.

In many organizations, changes are initiated without really having an overall view. A need for change has been identified, but no-one has looked at how the change should be pursued, taking account of the connections and interdependency between the various parts of the business. This may in turn create new problems and lead to inefficiency.

Stage two of the change process is about Structure. We start with a situation analysis that highlights strategies, processes, information and systems, and elucidates all the connections between them. The situation analysis provides you with an overview and insights into areas where there is a critical need for change, which can then be transformed into specific objectives focusing on the desired outcome. Our architects use the current situation and objectives when helping you create realizable, viable plans that optimize the positive effects over time. An important aspect is also to take control of the information. A detailed flight plan and quality-assured information form the basis of a proactive and methodical change process that motivates employees and ensures stakeholder involvement. A solid structure creates stability, confidence and peace of mind.

Our service areas:

  • Organizational development
  • Process development
  • Information management
  • Impact mapping
  • Benefits management
  • Method development (Agile, Lean and Scrum)

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