Automotive Cyber Security center of excellence

Combitech Center of Excellence

Autonomous vehicles or vehicles with self-driving functions will need to be verified and tested in order to satisfy governmental requirements regarding safety and security. Combitech is one of the first companies that offers full support to vehicle OEMs and their suppliers in order to comply with these requirements.

Our team acts as an independent party that works closely with both, the government and the OEM. Combitech’s team of experts is involved in the entire development process of these vehicles, from the requirements and design stage to the deployment stage. Experts from our team will guide you through every step of the process ensuring the final product will satisfy the imposed requirements. The benefits of this service are substantial since our team has long lasting experience from the aviation industry and can significantly contribute to improving the overall vehicle design when it comes to safety and security.

Our Center of Excellence offers:

  • A One-stop-shop for Automotive Cyber Security & longterm partnership
  • Dedicated security experts within Automotive Cyber Security
  • Acknowledged speakers within Automotive Cyber Security, e.g ESCAR (Berlin)
  • Competence and experience programs internally
  • Validated methodology through experience in Automotive industry
  • Innovation hub through cooperation within university´s, research institutes and companies within Automotive Cyber Security
  • Partner to the VICTA in Gothenburg
  • Participant in the Producive 4.0
  • Experience from working with many companies within Automotive

No safety without security.

With growing demands and needs for secure solutions in the automotive industries as a result of increasing connectivity (IoT, V2X, Autonomous driving, etc.), security is an increasingly important part of the development process. Complex infrastructure & ecosystems with shared information responsibility also set higher demands on compliance to legislations, e.g. GDPR. 

To be able to meet up to these challenges within an optimized framework for time, cost and result, you need an experienced, skilled and agile team and partner. A partner with Cyber Security and safety in their DNA. 

Safety vs Security

  • The cars are now connected to the internet
  • Multiple wireless and wired interfaces
  • Increasing number if ECUs
  • Integration of mobile devices
  • More software layers (AUTOSAR, Linux, RTOS, Android)
  • Cloud connection, V2X, automotive ecosystems and autonomous driving
  • Remote Over-The-Air software updates
  • Data collection on the road
  • Fleet management systems
  • Insecure development  process

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