Cloud security

The digitalization trend is emerging, and all types of organisations  are exploring cloud options due to the strong drivers for effectiveness and smooth operations it brings. The sourcing trend where organisations wants to buy IT services in order to focus on their core business also drives the cloud trend.

We build safe societies through organisations on their own premises. This means that all Cloud Security initiatives should support your business strategy and purpose.

The Combitech approach can be scaled both horizontally and vertically to ensure that the organisation is secured within the financial and resource limitations given by your situation and place in the market.

Our approach can be used for both small, medium and large organisations and our offer ranges from services covering strategic/management services as well as to technical products.

In regards of managing cloud security some of the main drivers are:

  • The more the digitalization trend emerges, and information assets are transferred to cloud solutions - cyber criminals also scale up their efforts targeting these.
  • Analysis and identification of critical information assets that are sensible for public exposure due to cloud.
  • Cloud strategy will go hand in hand with security and information assurance setting, due to the increased risk of exposure.
  • Changed legislations combined with the cloud and digitalization trend bring focus on compliance and security topics.

Our service areas in Cloud Security:

  • Cloud Strategy and Risk Framework - Defining strategic principles related to risk appetite and building a framework which provides decision support for business leaders.
  • Monitoring - Combitech has managed SOC that are staffed 24/7 and acts immediately upon detected incident patterns.
  • Operations - The maintenance organization are specialised on maintenance O365 / Azure bringing the concept a secure workplace. This option is suitable for the more public oriented approach.
  • Secure platform - High assurance components that build the foundation for a cloud based secure infrastructure platform.
  • Storage and co-location - High assurance data center within facilities that are national object of protection.
  • Secure IOT - Cloud based hub for connecting IoT components to cloud services.

A secure supplier of cloud security

As the Nordic´s leading defence consultancy company and an established supplier for both private and public sector, we are experts at compliance on national regulations like NIST and the Security Protection Act.

We supply data storage in secure locations, perform background checks on all our personell, maintain close surveillance and perimeter protection. Combitech is your supplier of holistic solutions for secure cloud environments.

What is cloud security?

The definition of cloud comes in various terms. The trend of sourcing brings light to the ability to buy IS/IT capabilities as a service. The variants range from Infrastructure as a service (IAAS), Platform as a service (PAAS), Software as a service (SAAS). These options also follow with various demands of security.

Cloud security brings focus on areas such as monitoring, configuration control, traceability and access. The cloud technology brings a variety of designs ranging from full service public cloud to private cloud on-prem. The common approach when approaching cloud technology is incremental implementation where hybrid solutions are common. Security topics and solutions are therefore varying depending on strategy and maturity level. Depending on the information assurance requirement levels and legal frameworks (eg. Säkerhetsskyddslagen, NIST, FISA, GDPR and Cloud Act, and SOC2) Combitech offer a range of services and products in different categories and segments.  

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