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Encrypt Your Communication - compliant with the Swedish Security Protection Act

Protecting information is an important part of an organization’s systematic work within security measures. An organization that handles information important to Sweden’s National Security, Sveriges säkerhet, may need to use Communications Security, encryption, to prevent unauthorized access to the information when it is communicated between different operations, individuals or systems.

Combitech creates solutions for a safer society

Accuracy – Availability – Confidentiality – Trust
Combitech help public and private sector companies to strengthen their capabilities within Protective Security, emergency preparedness, and Civil Defence. Our consultants have supported customers for many years in managing risks, maintaining critical functions, and enhancing their crisis management. In this way, we contribute to better preparedness in the event of serious incidents, societal disruption and before and during high alert situations. It is our contribution to a safer and more secure society.

Having a strong trust is important when sharing classified information between different actors. With a well-functioning communications security work in your organization, you contribute to a stronger trust with your interacting partners.

Communications security – a part of protective security

Communications security forms part of information security for organisations subject to requirements on protective security. Communications security involves the encryption of information using methods approved by the Swedish Armed Forces, so-called secure cryptographic functions. Communications security is used to protect classified information, to ensure that information is not corrupted en route, and to authenticate the sender. Communications security is also used for information that is solely covered by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, so-called high-value information. The protective security classification (Restricted, Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret) of the communicated information governs the requisite level of communications security. Communications security systems exist for different types of information, including speech, text, video conferencing, and data traffic.

Custom communications security solution

Combitech has a long history, along with wide and deep expertise, in the field of communications security. Combitech supports the development of new Communications Security systems and further develops existing systems. For many years, our consultants have provided Communications Security solutions for both military and civil operations within Sweden’s National Defence. They are trained in cryptographic solutions approved by the Swedish Armed Forces.

Process for development of communications security solutions

Combitech can support your customers organisation through the entire process. The figure shows a process where we methodically develop a communications security solution from scratch, or annual management of the in-house communications security organisation. If necessary, we can provide support for specific parts of the process. Regardless of the method or needs, here at Combitech we have the resources and experience to lead and support you through the entire process or parts thereof.

1. Information inventory

2. Analyze communication needs & creating communication plans

3. Define protection level of the system needed based on the classification of the information

4. Selecting type of Communication Security System

5. Establish Communication Security organization (training the staff etc.)

6. Establish instructions based on the regulations of the Armed Forces

7. Communication tableau (contact information to actors Communication Security System)

8. Day-to-day management (look after ‘ n checking the systems, change ‘n destruction of keys etc.)

Our services in communications security:

  • Leading workshops in order to clarify your communications security needs
  • Supporting analyses of liason needs
  • Assisting with communication protection experts and carrying out training
  • Constitutional analysis (interpreting laws and regulations)
  • Establish and / or manage the communication protection organization
  • Support for internal control of the organization
  • Establish communication protection instructions and required documents
  • Design and carry out communications protection exercises
  • Act as communications protection manager / assistant communications protection manager

We tailor to your needs and wishes. Feel free to submit a quote request.

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