Cyber Security for IT

How do you open the door for new business opportunities while protecting your systems from hackers and cybercriminals? Combitech helps you create and introduce systems that you can rely on.

Secure systems development is about teamwork; we work with you and your employees to identify the level of security that will actually be required, and the aspects of the IT system that are particularly sensitive from a security and confidentiality perspective. IT systems today involve large volumes of both internal and external interfaces and it’s important to have organized and customized security procedures to rely on. Creating seamless and secure integration also requires well adapted applications.

For example, a thorough analysis will include business analysis, formulation of security requirements, information mapping and identification of legal requirements. A threat analysis and security objectives then form the basis of work that results in a security architecture.

Combitech’s process for secure development is an effective tool for creating cyber-secure systems and products, and we usually also train staff to improve knowledge and awareness in the workplace.

Our service areas in Cyber Security for IT:

  • Secure development
  • Secure products and solutions
  • Security testing and verification
  • Training and education
  • Penetration testing, etc.
  • Security components
  • Secure and traceable digital processes
  • Data gateway
  • Secure SOA

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