Cyber Security for products

The explosion of digital services and connected products and systems opens up new business opportunities. But also new challenges. Combitech offers secure product development for a connected world.

Developing cyber-secure products is not only important, it’s essential. And ensuring success throughout the whole process demands more than just technical skills. You also need a comprehensive approach and an ability to think long term now that the whole product lifecycle has to be adapted to increasingly rapid changes in the level of demand, customer behaviour and innovation requirements.

Combitech helps you develop products that combine user benefit and the right level of security, right from the concept stage. We help you at every step of the way, from requirement identification and IT security architecture, to the development of products and systems, as well as security tests and verification.

Our process for secure development is reliable and, effective and is carried out in close partnership with your employees. You end up with a security solution that solves your challenges, and when required, we can also provide training to boost security awareness and skills at your company.

Our service areas in Cyber Security for products:

  • Secure development
  • Secure products and solutions
  • Security testing and verification
  • Training and education
  • Penetration testing, etc.
  • Security components
  • Secure and traceable digital processes
  • Data gateway
  • Secure SOA

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