Cyber Security innovation lab

Preparing for current and futire security challenges

Many of the security solutions of tomorrow is not yet created and with digitalisation and other disruptions around the corner we need to innovate together to find new solutions to new problems. The movement to cloud together with more complex environment mixed with IT and OT calls for a new way of thinking. The idea of an eco systems to handle security between the connected parties is growing everyday.

  • How can we automize compliance of new regulations and standards? With 10 000 of different systems manual compliance will not be possible.
  • How will the new eco system integrate with security? Where actors joining and leaving continuously.
  • How can information traverse different actors domains without being manipulated and disclosed?
  • How will security requirement merge with safety requirements for autonomous vehicles? Can you build a security architecture  to fulfil for both aspects

Combitech Cyber Security Innovation Lab is just that, a place where you can try out your current and future security problems in a new way and get a verification if your way of approaching the problem will work. Together with your business knowledge and our expertise we innovate, integrate, test in an agile fail fast environment.

  • With our security experts you will get a new way of approaching problems and to illustrate how to build security into systems and business for the futures requirements.

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Our innovation loop

Building the Digital platform

  • Framework development
  • Identify security attributes
  • Security Architecture
  • Education (secure coding)
  • Integrated and automatic security testing
  • Code audits


  • Threat detection and monitoring
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Retained incident response services
  • Target security training
  • Integrated breach discovery assessment on service or product


  • Breach notification
  • Incident management


  • Cyber Security diagnostic (isolated and integrated)
  • Continuous security testing
  • Gatekeeper functionality for new members
  • Continuous Operational risk assessment

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