Enterprise Risk Management

What’s the security culture like at your company?

Have you analysed all the risks and opportunities? Using research-based methods and a comprehensive range of Enterprise Risk Management services, we ensure you come to grips with the risks your business is exposed to. We work according to standards such as ISO 31 000 and COSO/ERM, and have many years’ experience of ERM for both businesses and government authorities.

Combitech’s methods and tools are based on Bayesian networks. Using visualized risk and vulnerability analyses, we create easily accessible risk analyses involving all roles and functions. These analyses highlight causes and causality, probability and consequences in an educational and stimulating way. With the analyses as a basis, we help you with strategies, measures and training to strengthen your security culture and promote the development of your business.

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Service areas

And the enterprise risk management process (to the right).

  • Risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Operational risk assessment of critical business processes
  • Privacy impact assessment
  • Site security assessment
  • Risk-based implementation support
  • Project risk analysis
  • Compliance risk assessment
  • Fraud risk assessment
  • Anti-money laundering – assessment and process
  • Corruption risk analysis
  • Risk management training

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