Continuous compliance

Continuous compliance is about developing a culture and strategy within your organisation that continually reviews your compliance position to ensure you are meeting your industry and regulatory demands whilst maintaining secure systems.

Working with Cyber Security continuous compliance can help you ensure:

  • A functioning and structured way of working with cyber security.
  • Management involvement with prioritizing of cyber security issues and a clear link of security activities to the organisation’s goals and priorities.
  • A mapping and overlapping functionality of cyber security governance, corporate governance, and IT governance. 
  • Continual follow-up on relevant cyber security standards, laws and/or regulations.
  • A status analysis of the organisation’s cyber security work and follow-up on cyber security requirements at suppliers/vendors/customers.

Organisations that obtain compliance are left more resilient in the market. This work can also attract new business and clients who requires a higher level of structure and security.

What is Cyber Security Compliance?

As an organisation we face the constant change of our environment and threat landscape in terms of new technologies, the convergence between IT and OT and a constant increase of compliance requirements for cyber security. Maintaining compliance towards one framework can be a real challenge but when we introduce several more, we must work systematically, risk-based and with a long-term perspective to keep up.

Combitechs work with cyber security compliance consists of two main blocks to help organisations to establish a functioning and structured cyber security work/effort that maps to its business orientation, legal and regulatory requirements and threat profile. It is of the outmost importance to not view compliance-based security as a tick-the-box exercise. Therefore, Combitech offers a combination of our expertise to follow-up the efficiency of the implemented security measures. Without any follow-up, we cannot consider ourselves to be risk-conscious which makes it difficult to make the correct strategic decisions.

The model to the left is Combitech’s view on continuous compliance.


Combitech can help implementing a cyber security standard, law or regulation and assist an organisation within the work to achieve compliance or certification against such. Combitech can provide guidance in several standards, laws, and regulations within cyber security e.g.:

  • ISO 27001/2
  • ISO 22301
  • NIS
  • NIST SP800-53 & CSF
  • CMMC
  • GDPR
  • ICT & Security management
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Supply chain management
  • Risk
  • Business continuity
  • Business recovery

Cyber Security Compliance as-a-service

Combitech also offer cyber security compliance as-a-service, which mean that consultants can temporarily assume the role as for instance CIO, CISO and DPO within an organisation. This to help structure and support the organisation’s work within the areas of cyber security and privacy. Note that the work toward GDPR compliance should be integrated in the work with cyber security. 

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