Incident & crisis management

Creating a resilient organisation

Serious incidents and crises are factors that can have a major impact on your business. We can aid your organisation in creating a resilient organisation by providing you with the expertise needed for preventing and managing crisis. We also offer support in the review that follows.

Effective crisis management is essentially a confidence issue. Therefore, it is even more important to establish tools for cooperation and communication if, in addition, your business has a dependency on critical relationships with key customers and other stakeholders. 

Combitech offers a wide range of supporting services in the fields of continuity planning, information security and crisis preparedness. Our methodology can be described as follows: we analyse the organisation’s opportunities and challenges in order to be able to plan and implement the suitable measures and exercises on an ongoing basis. 

As tools in crisis preparedness Combitech considers regular crisis exercises and lessons-learned practices from past crises to be essential in creating an organisation’s ability to act and make decisions when needed. They are important tools in identifying areas for improvement and are vital when building an organisation’s resilience. 

In addition to offering support in establishing crisis preparedness, we also can provide your organisation with assistance in managing incidents as they arise, in order to prevent them from developing into a full-blown crisis. 

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7 Steps for successful crisis management

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