IT Security Evaluation Facility

Combitech ITSEF (IT Security Evaluation Facility) has been working with IT security evaluation since 1995, encompassing everything from major national systems for civil protection and military defence, to IT products for mass production and to verify IT products for operating organizations.

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The company has been accredited since 2007, when it became possible to obtain a Swedish licence for evaluating IT security in accordance with Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408, ISO/IEC 18405) and accreditation regarding ISO/IEC 17025. Accreditation also covers proprietary methods for independent evaluation of IT security in products and systems, emission security/Tempest and encryption assessment in accordance with the alarm standards EN 50136-1 and EN 50136-3.


  • Pre-evaluation Common Criteria
  • Evaluation Common Criteria
  • Development/evaluation protection profiles
  • Threat, risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Security objectives
  • Training
  • Project management support
  • Security evaluation
  • Encryption assessment

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