IT Security Evaluation Facility

Combitech - ITSEF is a licensed and accredited IT Security Evaluation Facility (ITSEF) operating within the Swedish scheme of Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408, ISO/IEC 18405). The primary business objective is Common Criteria evaluations of IT Security products and systems. Combitech has two accredited labs, located in Alvik (Stockholm) and Växjö.

Combitech – ITSEF has long and extensive experience in the area of Common Criteria and performed successful evaluations since the lab was established year 2007.

The main services offered by Combitech – ITSEF are:

  • Common Criteria evaluations, mutual recognition under
    • The Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA)
    • The Senior Officials Group Information Systems Security (SOGIS), to be the ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Common Criteria (EUCC)
  • Consulting services
    • Production of Security Targets
    • Supporting and production of other Common Criteria evidences
    • Production of Assurance Activity Reports (AAR), NIAP PCL list
    • Education and training
  • Pre-Evaluations, readiness assessments


All the products evaluated by the Combitech – ITSEF are listed at the Swedish scheme website.

The list of clients includes both national and international manufactures around the world. Examples from the list of successful evaluations are multi-function printers developed by Kyocera Document Solutions Inc and Lexmark International Inc, databases developed by Oracle America Inc, PKI systems developed by Primekey AB, networks devices developed by Microfocus and Clavister AB.

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  • Pre-evaluation Common Criteria
  • Evaluation Common Criteria
  • Development/evaluation protection profiles
  • Threat, risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Security objectives
  • Training
  • Project management support
  • Security evaluation
  • Encryption assessment

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