Managed Security services (MSS)

Your MSS Starts Here

Proactive organization. Strategies and plans are designed on the basis of market analysis, risk analysis and asset identification. The organization receives training in incident management and to raise awareness.

Effective monitoring. Continual monitoring, encompassing analysis and measures, with the help of Combitech’s security experts. The service is flexible, scalable and based on leading expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Continual feedback. Incidents, trends and global changes are investigated, analysed and form the basis of ongoing efforts to develop the organization’s security work.

We offer everything from Proof of Concept to create a situation analysis of your IT environment, to a High Security SOC (Security Operations Centre). Our MSS solutions involve external monitoring from Combitech SOC. This means that no data or confidential information leaves your organization.

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Why your organisation needs a managed approach

Any business, organisation or public authority is a potential target for cyber criminals and terrorism 24/7/365. These criminals and hackers are in most cases one step ahead of defences. They are already inside. You simply can’t stop them just by building higher walls and adding more defences. It is virtually impossible for organisations to build up their own cyber security resources and staff.  A more comprehensive approach is required. A one that is proactive in preventing, detecting and responding to threats.

That is why we built the Managed Security Services. Combitech’s Managed Security Service will help you to detect these cyber criminals, hackers and intruders and secure the continuity of your business.

It is all based on a continuous life cycle perspective, where learning and preparation is at the center of the service.

Outside threats

You need to counter both outside threats and different inside challenges. The outside threats could be:

Phising, Information theft, Virus, Ransomware, Fraud, Social engineering

Inside Challenges

You need to counter both outside threats and different inside challenges. The inside challenges could be:

People & Processes

Lack of Awareness, Misuse and Human Factor, Malicious Behaviour, Lack of Training & Recovery Plan, Lack of Cyber Security Policy

Vulnerabilities & Compliance

IT-systems & Software, Integration & Ecosystems, Connected Products & Services

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