There is an increasing number of cyberattacks targeting production and distribution environments within manufacturing and process industries as well as various forms of critical infrastructures.

Critical infrastructures comprise production of energy and electricity, telecommunications, main roads and bridges and parts of the railway network, airports, water production and sewage management, and a number of public management systems enabling society to function as we are used to.

In order for the above to function, required are, e.g.: processindustrial IT and automation, industrial automation and control systems (ICS), SCADA-networks, PLCs, sensors, actuators and a large number of other units, equipment and machines which are connected.

All this can be summarized as Operational Technology or OT, which easily can be distinguished from IT that comprises Information Technology and mainly is used within the administrative part of businesses.

We use, according to requirements, a number of differend standards, such as: ISA-95 and IEC-62443 as well as various NIST- and ISO-standards.

Combitech can assist with improving the OT-security through for instance:

  • Review of cybersecurity within the IT/OT-environments – as these often are connected and affect each other

- Provide recommendations for improvement of OT-security

- How to improve redundancy, resilience and robustness

- Remote/external connections

- Sharing of data

- Architecture for OT-environments

  • Risk analysis
  • Penetration tests
  • Incident management
  • Business continuity planning – how to get the business and its critical processes to continue to function also during problems
  • Project management
  • Trainings - one or two days training on how to govern and manage OT-security. Customer designed trainings are also available.

In case you have questions or inquiries about the above, please contact us.

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